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Biodiversity in British Columbia

BC is home to a wealth of native species and subspecies - more than any other province. They include:

  • 1,258 vertebrates
  • 3,190 vascular plants
  • 4,500 marine invertebrates
  • over 35,000 insects

This web site will help you:

  • learn about species at risk and the threats they face.
  • learn which species at risk are in your area.
  • search for species at risk by name or habitat type.
  • learn how Local Governments can help conserve species at risk.

Species Included

  • BC species listed under the Federal Species at Risk Act
  • BC species listed by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC)
  • Provincially Red and Blue listed species in the Fraser Valley Regional District and Metro Vancouver Regional District
  • Offshore marine species are not included.

Species at Risk

How many are there?

The BC Conservation Data Centre has the most complete list. It includes:

  • 754 Red Listed Species (extirpated, endangered and threatened).
  • 757 Blue Listed Species (special concern).
  • 1,511 in total.

How many are legally listed:

Under the British Columbia Wildlife Act?

  • 4 endangered species.
  • 0.26 percent of total.

Under the Federal Species at Risk Act?

  • 164 listed as extirpated, endangered or threatened.
  • 61 listed as special concern.
  • 15 percent of total.