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Nb of Species40BC Red List8
Mammals10BC Blue List26
Birds2Identified Wildlife9
Breeding Birds10COSEWIC Endangered4
Reptiles1COSEWIC Threatened11
Amphibians2COSEWIC Special Concern18
Fishes9SARA Schedule 125
Insects0Extirpated fom BC0
Vascular Plants3  


English NameScientific NameCOSEWICSARABC Status
Grey WhaleEschrichtius robustusSpecial ConcernSchedule 1Blue
Grizzly BearUrsus arctosSpecial ConcernNoneBlue
Harbour PorpoisePhocoena phocoenaSpecial ConcernSchedule 1Blue
Steller Sea LionEumetopias jubatusSpecial ConcernSchedule 1Blue
Wolverine (luscus subspecies)Gulo gulo luscusSpecial ConcernNoneBlue
Killer Whale (Northeast Pacific northern resident population)Orcinus orca pop. 6ThreatenedSchedule 1Red
Killer Whale (West Coast transient population)Orcinus orca pop. 3ThreatenedSchedule 1Red
Humpback WhaleMegaptera novaeangliaeSpecial ConcernSchedule 1Blue
Northern Fur SealCallorhinus ursinusThreatenedNoneRed
Keen's MyotisMyotis keeniiData DeficientSchedule 3Blue


English NameScientific NameCOSEWICSARABC Status
Short-tailed AlbatrossPhoebastria albatrusThreatenedSchedule 1Red
Red KnotCalidris canutusEndangeredSchedule 1Red

Breeding Birds

English NameScientific NameCOSEWICSARABC Status
Ancient MurreletSynthliboramphus antiquusSpecial ConcernSchedule 1Blue
Great Blue Heron (fannini subspecies)Ardea herodias fanniniSpecial ConcernSchedule 1Blue
Marbled MurreletBrachyramphus marmoratusThreatenedSchedule 1Blue
Northern Goshawk (laingi subspecies)Accipiter gentilis laingiThreatenedSchedule 1Red
Western Screech Owl (kennicotti subspecies)Megascops kennicottii kennicottiiThreatenedSchedule 1Blue
Peregrine Falcon (pealei subspecies)Falco peregrinus pealeiSpecial ConcernSchedule 1Blue
Rusty BlackbirdEuphagus carolinusSpecial ConcernSchedule 1Blue
Barn SwallowHirundo rusticaThreatenedNoneBlue
Olive-sided flycatcherContopus cooperiThreatenedSchedule 1Blue
Band-tailed pigeonPatagioenas fasciataSpecial ConcernSchedule 1Blue


English NameScientific NameCOSEWICSARABC Status
Western Yellow-bellied RacerColuber constrictorSpecial ConcernSchedule 1Blue


English NameScientific NameCOSEWICSARABC Status
Pacific Tailed FrogAscaphus trueiSpecial ConcernSchedule 1Blue
Western ToadAnaxyrus boreasSpecial ConcernSchedule 1Blue


English NameScientific NameCOSEWICSARABC Status
Green SturgeonAcipenser medirostrisSpecial ConcernSchedule 1Red
Basking SharkCetorhinus maximusEndangeredSchedule 1None
Rougheye rockfishSebastes aleutianusSpecial ConcernSchedule 1None
Yelloweye RockfishSebastes ruberrimusSpecial ConcernNoneNone
Dolly VardenSalvelinus malmaNoneNoneYellow
EulachonThaleichthys pacificusEndangeredNoneBlue
BocaccioSebastes paucispinisEndangeredNoneNone
Canary rockfishSebastes pinnigerThreatenedNoneNone
Coastal Cutthroat TroutOncorhynchus clarkii clarkiiNoneNoneBlue


English NameScientific NameCOSEWICSARABC Status
Northern AbaloneHaliotis kamtschatkanaThreatenedSchedule 1Red
Olympia OysterOstrea conchaphilaSpecial ConcernSchedule 1Blue
Scarletback TaildropperProphysaon vanattaeNoneNoneBlue

Vascular Plants

English NameScientific NameCOSEWICSARABC Status
Two-edged Water-starwortCallitriche heterophylla var. heterophyllaNoneNoneBlue
Yellow Marsh-marigoldCaltha palustris var. radicansNoneNoneBlue
Flowering QuillwortLilaea scilloidesNoneNoneBlue

Extinct or Extirpated

No Extirpated or Extinct

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Please cite these pages as: Pearson, Mike and Healey, M.C.2012. Species at Risk and Local Government: a Primer for BC. Stewardship Centre of British Columbia, Courtenay BC.