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Nb of Species34BC Red List3
Mammals7BC Blue List23
Birds0Identified Wildlife10
Breeding Birds10COSEWIC Endangered4
Reptiles0COSEWIC Threatened3
Amphibians1COSEWIC Special Concern6
Fishes5SARA Schedule 17
Insects2Extirpated fom BC0
Vascular Plants7  


English NameScientific NameCOSEWICSARABC Status
Grizzly BearUrsus arctosSpecial ConcernNoneBlue
Woodland caribou (northern mountain population)Rangifer tarandus pop. 15Threatened/Special ConcernSchedule 1Blue
Wolverine (luscus subspecies)Gulo gulo luscusSpecial ConcernNoneBlue
WolverineGulo guloSpecial ConcernNoneNone
FisherPekania pennantiNoneNoneBlue
CaribouRangifer tarandusNoneNoneNone
Little Brown MyotisMyotis lucifugusEndangeredNoneYellow

Breeding Birds

English NameScientific NameCOSEWICSARABC Status
American White PelicanPelecanus erythrorhynchosNot at RiskAppliesRed
Rusty BlackbirdEuphagus carolinusSpecial ConcernSchedule 1Blue
Common NighthawkChordeiles minor ThreatenedSchedule 1Yellow
Caspian TernHydroprogne caspiaNot at RiskNoneBlue
Barn SwallowHirundo rusticaThreatenedNoneBlue
Olive-sided flycatcherContopus cooperiThreatenedSchedule 1Blue
Great Blue Heron, Herodias SubspeciesArdea herodias herodiasNoneNoneBlue
Sandhill CraneGrus canadensisNot at RiskNoneYellow
California GullLarus californicusNoneNoneBlue
Sharp-tailed Grouse, Columbianus SubspeciesTympanuchus phasianellus columbianusNoneNoneBlue


English NameScientific NameCOSEWICSARABC Status
Western ToadAnaxyrus boreasSpecial ConcernSchedule 1Blue


English NameScientific NameCOSEWICSARABC Status
Coho Salmon (interior Fraser populations)Oncorhynchus kisutchEndangeredNoneYellow
Dolly VardenSalvelinus malmaNoneNoneYellow
Bull TroutSalvelinus confluentusSpecial ConcernNoneBlue
White Sturgeon (Nechako River population)Acipenser transmontanus pop. 3EndangeredSchedule 1Red
White SturgeonAcipenser transmontanusEndangeredSchedule 1None


English NameScientific NameCOSEWICSARABC Status
Beaverpond BaskettailEpitheca canisNoneNoneBlue
Kennedy's EmeraldSomatochlora kennedyiNoneNoneBlue

Vascular Plants

English NameScientific NameCOSEWICSARABC Status
Elegant Jacob's-ladderPolemonium elegansNoneNoneBlue
Back's SedgeCarex backiiNoneNoneBlue
Two-coloured SedgeCarex bicolorNoneNoneBlue
Many-headed SedgeCarex sychnocephalaNoneNoneBlue
Hall's WillowherbEpilobium halleanumNoneNoneBlue
Slender MannagrassGlyceria pulchellaNoneNoneBlue
Fernald's False MannaTorreyochloa pallidaNoneNoneRed


English NameScientific NameCOSEWICSARABC Status
Lacks a Common NameAmblystegium variumNoneNoneBlue
Lacks a Common NameMeesia longisetaNoneNoneBlue

Extinct or Extirpated

No Extirpated or Extinct

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Taxonomic Group All
Juridiction All
BC Status All
BC Wildlife Act All
Identified Wildlife All
Management Category All
Habitat All
Regional District All Districts and Municipalities
Forest District Vanderhoof Forest District (DVA)
Please cite these pages as: Pearson, Mike and Healey, M.C.2012. Species at Risk and Local Government: a Primer for BC. Stewardship Centre of British Columbia, Courtenay BC.