Birds of Prey and Bats

Requirements include:

  • abundant prey, usually small mammals, songbirds, and insects.
  • secure nesting and roosting sites.These may be used for many years.

 (c) Mike Pearson

Threats include:

  • pesticides, which may harm the species directly or reduce its prey availability
  • disturbance of nesting or roosting sites.


Reduce pesticide use

  • Ban insecticide and herbicide use for cosmetic purposes on lands within jurisdiction (municipalities only).

  • Eliminate insecticide and herbicide use on local government lands.

Prevent disturbance of nest or roosting sites

Northern saw-whet owl (c) Dick Cannings

  • Develop inventories of important nest/roost sites with local naturalist groups.
  • Protect important sites with by-laws that restrict tree cutting, rock climbing or other disruptive activities.
  • Protect snags and other wildlife trees in a tree cutting by-law.
  • Install snags and/or nest platforms in suitable areas during maintenance and capital works

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