Requirements include:

  • deep, soft soils for burrows.

Threats include:

  • soil disturbances that destroys existing burrows.
  • soil compaction by vehicles, heavy machinery or livestock.
  • binding of sparsely vegetated soils by the roots of invasive plant species.

 (c) Mike Pearson


Protection from soil disturbance

  • Regulate soil removal and deposition through bylaws or the development permitting process.
  • Regulate tree cutting on private lands using a bylaw (municipalities only).

Protection from soil compaction

  • Prevent machine access to important habitats during development through the subdivision and development permit approval processes.
  • Use a bylaw to prohibit livestock access to habitats on private lands outside the agricultural.

Control Invasive Plants

  • Require the control or eradication of 'alien invasive' plants listed under the Community Charter's Environment and Wildlife Regulation (municipalities only).
  • Include information on the impacts of invasive plants on burrowing species in public education materials and programming.

For more information on best management practices, consult: