Food Attracted Carnivore

Requirements include:

  • adequate sources of wild food.
  • separation from human populations

Threats include:

  • food sources that attract animals into contact with humans. Poorly secured garbage or pet food, dirty BBQs or fire pits, and fallen fruit are among the most common.

 (c) Mike Pearson


Eliminate food sources

  • Ensure that local government owned or contracted waste management facilities and handling practices control odours and prevent animal access.
  • Require that garbage be animal-proofed by property owners as a condition of pick-up or in a bylaw.
  • Educate residents and property owners about the importance of securing garbage and pet food, composting only vegetables, cleaning BBQs and cleaning up fallen fruit.
  • Help establish a fruit exchange program to match people who want to give unused fruit from their trees with those who want to receive free fruit.


For more information on best management practices, consult: