Ground Nesting Bird

Requirements include:

  • quiet, safe nesting habitats

Threats include:

  • predation by domestic pets
  • disturbance by humans or their pets.
  • trampling by livestock
  • destruction by agricultural machinery or off-road vehicles.

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Protect nesting habitats

  • Acquire nesting habitat by purchase or via dedication during land subdivision, development permit, or rezoning processes.

  • Require conservation covenants on nesting habitats during the land subdivision, development permit or rezoning processes.

Prevent disturbance of nesting habitats

  • Restrict access to known nesting habitats on local government lands during the breeding season
  • Regulate the timing of development activities to avoid disturbance of nesting birds.
  • Prevent burning of habitats during sensitive periods using the fire permitting process.
  • Include information on ground-nesting birds and their habitat in public education materials and programming.

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Control domestic pets

  • Use an animal control bylaw to prevent domestic pets from accessing nesting birds.
  • Include information on the dangers that pets pose to ground nesting birds in public education materials and programming.