High Sensitivity to Disturbance

Requirements include:

  • freedom from human disturbance for all or part of the life cycle.

Threats include:

  • the construction of access roads into wilderness. These bring increased numbers of humans and improve predator mobility.

  • repeated low intensify disturbances (e.g. photographers, researchers).

  • aircraft and helicopters.

 (c) Mike Pearson


Protect habitats

  • Acquire habitat by purchase or via dedication during land subdivision, development permit, or rezoning processes.
  • Require conservation covenants on habitats during the land subdivision, development permit or rezoning processes.

Heronry, chilliwack bc (c) Mike Pearson

Discourage human access

  • Restrict access to known habitats on local government lands.
  • Regulate the timing of development activities to minimize disturbance in nearby habitats
  • Include information on the sensitivity of the species and their habitat in public education materials and programming.