Requirements include:

  • safe nesting sites.
  • abundant food supply, typically insects, berries or nuts.
  • abundant cover.

Flora lake, bc (c) Mike Pearson

Threats include:

  • reduced availability or contamination of food caused by insecticide use.
  • predation by domestic pets.
  • Loss of nesting sites, especially old trees with cavities.


Control domestic pets

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  • Use an animal control bylaw to prevent domestic pets from accessing habitats of listed songbirds.
  • Include information on the dangers that pets pose to songbirds in public education materials and programming.

Reduce pesticide use

  • Ban insecticide and herbicide use for cosmetic purposes on lands within jurisdiction (municipalities only).
  • Eliminate insecticide and herbicide use on local government lands.

Install and maintain nesting boxes

Western bluebird at nest box (c) Kevin Cole