Wide Ranging Mammals

Requirements include:

  • large continuous areas of habitat.
  • movement corridors between large habitats.

Chilko lake, bc (c) Mike Pearson

Threats include:

  • habitat fragmentation due to land development, transportation infrastructure, and utility corridors.


Minimize habitat fragmentation

  • target movement corridors and parts of large continuous natural areas for acquisition by purchase or dedication or for protection via conservation covenant through the subdivision, rezoning and development permit processes.
  • Initiate or participate in regional scale planning processes that aim to protect and restore habitat and movement corridors.

Provide safe passage through barriers

  • Erect cautionary signs along roads where wildlife cross frequently.
  • Include safe passage features for mammals in local government infrastructure. These might include dry culverts under roadways, bridges that land animals can pass beneath or fencing to funnel animals to safe crossing points.
  • Require that transporation infrastructure in developments include safe passage features for mammals using the subdivision and development permit processes.